On this page, we attempt to give a chronological account of significant updates to the mcplots site, in particular

  • Additions of new Generators and Versions
  • Additions of new Rivet analyses
  • Updates to Rivet versions
  • Significant changes to the amount of statistics, new capabilities, or bug fixes to each of the generators and analyses already on the site.
  • Links to complete lists of changes (provided directly from Git)

2022/10/12 - MCPLOTS public release


  • New generators versions
    • MadGraph5_aMC@NLO 2.6.6, 2.6.7, 2.7.2
    • Herwig 7.1.5, 7.1.6, 7.2.0
    • Pythia 8.243, 8.244, 8.301
    • Vincia 2.0.01, 2.2.05, 2.3.01
    • Sherpa 2.2.7, 2.2.8
    • Epos / CRMC 1.5.7, 1.6.0
  • Note, the VINCIA is the part of Pythia 8 starting from version 301, and is visible in form of Pythia 8 tune.
  • Rivet 3.1.0
Full list of changes (git tag pub20221012)

2019/11/09 - MCPLOTS public release


Full list of changes (git tag pub20191109)

2017/12/05 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Rivet 2.4.0
  • The plotting tool has been updated, to correct labeling on several plots and introduce a revised design template with a slightly wider overall aspect ratio (to fit better on slides), the main and ratio panes now touching each other and thus enlarging the total data display area despite reducing the height, and the black top bar replaced by ordinary black-on-white text. Note also that the ratio pane is now using a logarithmic axis centred on the range [0.5, 2] with a bit of margin on either side.
Full list of changes (git tag pub20171205)

2015/12/08 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Epos 1.99 / CRMC 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5.3 and 1.5.4, Pythia 8.209, 8.210 and 8.212, Sherpa 2.2.0, Vincia 1.2.00, 1.2.01 and 1.2.02
  • Rivet 2.3.0
Full list of changes (git tag pub20151208)

2015/05/28 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Herwig++ 2.7.0 and 2.7.1, Pythia 8.186, 8.201 and 8.205, Vincia 1.1.01, 1.1.02 and 1.1.03
  • Updated design of the Generators Versions and 'Custom' Generator Group pages to have better overview of versions and tunes available on the site.
Full list of changes (git tag pub20150528)

2015/02/23 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Pythia 6.428, Pythia 8.180, 8.183 and 8.185, Sherpa 1.4.5, 2.1.0 and 2.1.1
  • Rivet 1.9.0
  • Updated to LHAPDF 5.8.9 / 5.9.1, FastJet 3.0.3, HepMC 2.06.08
Full list of changes (git tag pub20150223)

2014/01/15 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Herwig++ 2.6.2 and 2.6.3, Pythia 8.175 and 8.176, Sherpa 1.4.2 and 1.4.3, Vincia 1.1.00
  • New analyses:
  • Temporary removed bottom quark analyses due to issues with generators steering cards. To be re-added in the next release.
  • Expanded validation framework to include new "Tuning Validation" page, on which the chi2 values of different tunes of each generator are compared to each other. (We still choose not to show any direct comparisons between different generators, as the interpretation of such comparisons is more involved and the simple compound chi2 we calculate here could potentially be misleading.)
  • Rivet 1.8.3. Thanks to Test4Theory volunteer Crystal Pellet for alerting us to the new version.
  • Corrected bugs for Herwig++ W+jets and Phojet ppbar runs. Thanks to Test4Theory volunteers Crystal Pellet and Ray Murray for helping us track this down.
  • Updated Test4Theory for compatibility with Scientific Linux 6.
  • Updated and reorganized tune groups. New tab dedicated to Soft-Inclusive MCs (generators specializing in diffraction, min-bias, etc).
  • Updated plotter. Improved y axis ranges for plots with large uncertainties. Reduced risk of plot points being hidden under legends.
  • Included a Facebook "like" button, currently as an experimental social feature, to be kept or removed in the future.
  • Removed Pythia 8.157 (deemed obsolete).
  • Reduced number of tune variations available for the oldest versions of Pythia 6 and 8.
Full list of changes (git tag pub20140115)

2013/02/07 - MCPLOTS public release


Full list of changes (git tag pub20130207)

2012/04/09 - MCPLOTS public release


Full list of changes (git tag pub20120409)

2011/12/08 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Herwig++ 2.5.2, Pythia 6.426, Pythia 8.157, Vincia 1.0.27
  • Added version 3 of Herwig++ colour reconnection tunes.
  • Rivet 1.7.0
Full list of changes (git tag pub20111208)

2011/11/11 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Fixed incorrect modification of Sherpa jets steering files.
  • Added 'analysis filter' with possibillity to display plots from specific Rivet analysis.
Full list of changes (git tag pub20111111)

2011/10/07 - MCPLOTS public release


Full list of changes (git tag pub20111007)

2011/07/27 - MCPLOTS public release


Full list of changes (git tag pub20110727)

2011/06/07 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Sherpa 1.3.0, Pythia 6.425, Pythia 8.150
  • New tunes: Herwig++ MU900-1; Pythia 6 Perugia 2011; Sherpa: removed explicit alphaS definition from run cards.
  • Several LEP distributions and moments (OPAL_2004_S6132243), including energy scaling beyond 91 GeV (contributed by S. Prestel and W. Pokorski)
  • Removed OPAL four-jet angles (OPAL_2001_S4553896) since the measurements were corrected to parton level and it is not clear how to compare arbitrary generators to them
  • Rivet 1.5.1
  • Reorganized tune groups to a two-tier structure, with top group selecting generator (or main) and subgroups selecting more finegrained within that group (e.g. groups of tunes for a single generator)
  • Reorganized and renamed some LEP observables to make their order more intuitive.
  • Minor updates to plotting tool to make sure axis ticks always visible in ratio plots and a few other minor cosmetics fixes
Full list of changes (git tag pub20110607)

2011/03/20 - MCPLOTS public release


  • Herwig++ 2.5.0, Vincia 1.0.25 and 1.0.24
  • First LHC measurements at 7 TeV
  • Dedicated ee identified-particle measurements from ALEPH
  • b fragmentation measurements from DELPHI
  • Rivet 1.5.0
  • New functionality to select alternative generator versions (written by A. Pytel)
Full list of changes (git tag pub20110320)

2010, December - first public release


  • Herwig++ 2.4.2, Pythia 6.424 and 6.423, Pythia 8.145 and 8.142, Sherpa 1.2.3 and 1.2.2p
  • Rivet 1.4.0
Full list of changes (git tag pub201012)

2010, November - starting alpha-testing of Test4Theory project

2010, August - first prototypes of web pages

2010, Summer - MCPLOTS project started